About Me


Hi everyone my name is Andrea, I’m here at Lane taking the multimedia program. I moved here from Lynnwood, Washington in 2014 and even though it’s been three years it seems like I still find and discover new things every day. I had never been to Eugene before even though I spent the first 15 years of my life in Monmouth, Oregon, which is a tiny little town about an hour away from here.

When I originally enrolled here I was working on getting a transfer degree for Fine Arts due to an interest in drawing and painting but after taking a class on film theory I met a lot of people that were in the multimedia program and decided that was the way I wanted to go. I love that there are so many mediums you can learn and develop skills in, so far there hasn’t been any aspect of the program I’ve disliked, though there have been ones that are challenging. I’ve always been really interested in music, tv, film and animation so I really feel that this has been the right path for me to go down. Outside of school I work part time at a restaurant and enjoy spending time with my friends and family when I can.