Whom’st am I?

IMG_0872My name is Caleb Lowery, I grew up in a small town called Oakridge. Oakridge is a awesome place to live, there are so many things to do. People call it the mountain bike capital of the world. I like to fish, hike, and play basketball. I’m a huge car guy, I love to work on and drive cars. I’m currently building a 06 mitsubishi lancer evolution. Building cars is definitely one of my biggest passions. My other passion is art. I love drawing and basically making any kind of art. My goal is to one day make my own graphic novel. It is my second year in the Media Arts program. I love it so far, storyboarding is so far my favorite skill I’ve learned. When I’m done with the program I hope I can use all the skills to start making graphic novels and to find a job in graphic design.I work part time at a local Dollar General store. I hate working retail, but it pays the bills. I also do a variety of odd jobs around town, and work with a landscaping business. I have a dog, his name is Boo. He is half english bulldog and half rottweiler. Thats pretty much everything about me, Have a good day!