About me, Jason Dallas

Hello world, fellow students, teachers, people who may have interest, even those who do not have interest, welcome to my blog page.

          About myself. I am a 43 year old artist originally from eastern Kansas. I have a lifetime history of drawing,  painting,  photography and sculpture. I have resided between western Oregon and New Orleans Louisiana since 1999. I have been a Lane Community College student since 2014.

          My earliest artistic influences in life were multimedia designers. Before a Star Wars movie ever existed, before I knew what Saturday Morning cartoons were, ( do they even exist anymore?), before I had any kind of art education, there was the influence of Jim Henson, and all of his work with Sesame Street, his Muppets, and all of the people he worked with. His work has influenced billions of people around the globe and I can be fairly confident that you can go most anywhere on Earth and have a conversation about the Muppets. Henson was a bold adventurer that made more than mere puppets and children’s entertainment. He worked in every creative world that existed, and was brave enough to venture into new fields of artistic exploration and never let failure defeat him.

         A very important thing I learned from Jim is that it takes not just one, but many imaginations to create something big enough to reach large audiences. I do not want to be just a painter hanging a picture on a wall, but part of a creative team dedicated to building something larger than a single creative artist can do alone.