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Hello, my name is Maurissa. I live in Corvallis and have been there most of my life.  I come from divorced parents and was raised by my mom. She is my best friend and I am humbled by her sacrifices to take care of me. I grew up being independent and doing my best at what I did.

I had always dreamed of being an artist. Specifically, I wanted to be a fine artist and make a living at it. I took art classes from middle school all through college; it has always been apart of me. Ironically though, I was not keen on becoming a Graphic Designer. I did not like the idea of creating art with a computer. Yet, I thought of majoring in it. After a mandatory job shadow in my senior year of HS, I freaked out and majored in Accounting.
Fast forward past obtaining business and accounting degrees, I went back to school and just recently graduated with an Associate’s in Graphic Design and discovered that I needed this. In the process, I also fell in love with Web Design. So in the Winter term, I will be seeking my Certificate in Web Design.

When I am not in school, I work part-time at the DMC and just picked up a second part-time job doing design work. I love craft projects and have a laundry list of them to do. I also like watching movies and going out with friends, but if there is a good adventure to be had, I am in!

When I am done getting degrees and certificates, I might become a freelance designer. As of right now, though, I am taking it one day at a time.

Here is to a great term!

By: Maurissa Keller

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  1. Jason Dallas

    Hi Maurissa. It is nice to meet another artist with a degree in class that is seeking to learn about the media arts. It should be a fun and wonderful term. See you in class.

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