The Tragic Origin Story

In the beginning there was nothing. At least, for me there was. I was raised well; my parents disciplined me when I was disobedient, they never gave me what I wanted, they only gave me what I needed, and they always encouraged creativity. The phrase “Dream, but don’t quit your day-job.” was hammered into my brain from a very young age. I find comfort in fantasy worlds, and I take refuge in the company of friends.

My dream is to become a published author, screenwriter, and maybe even director, but that’ll only happen if I somehow get bitten by a radioactive Martin Scorsese. I like to think I’m a funny guy, but I’m usually too busy thinking to say any of the hilarious jokes that are formulating in my echo-chamber of a cranium. Because of this, I’ve had a lot of people (friends, enemies, and otherwise) tell me that I come off as stand-offish or stuck-up. Those are two hyphenated words I would very much like to drop, but until my armor of introversion falls off it would be best if you started the conversations.

I look forward to spending this semester holed up at my computer composing creative creations.19787341_1435033109909568_1674891240635702498_o

One thought on “The Tragic Origin Story

  1. Tyler Nichols

    This was very fun to read! I look forward to seeing your name right up there with Scorsese! I can’t wait to see what you come up with this term!


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