About the big dog. (Clifford service)

picHey there! my name is Clifford. (cliff, cliffo, is fine) Born somewhere in the South Pacific, I’ve been living in Eugene since I was six and have really embraced the culture. :P. I’m a multimedia production student at lcc.

I really enjoy media in general.  I love movie’s, music, its hard to choose a favorite movie, band, show etc. with all that’s out there I like to  find out what you might previously enjoyed and recommend from there (which im happy to do or talk about at anytime). I love to collaborate on projects, when I finish the media arts program I would like to continue to find like minded artist and bring them together for  brainstorming/colabrative work. I love nature and sight seeing and have a big todo list but seem to fill up my time with basic day job and responsibility stuff yada yada etc.

I love to collect books but I am really falling behind on reading my ever-growing collection and I don’t know how to handle this compulsion.

making people laugh and working in a team are my strong points…. most days. looking forward to learning and sharing.  hmmmmmmm. yup! that’s all! see ya later!