About Me | Derek Panter


My name is Derek, I’m 25, and have spent most of my life in the Eugene area. I grew up in Thurston, and graduated from Thurston High School in 2010. After High School I attended Oregon State University to study mechanical engineering, but after a year in Corvallis, I realized that this was not my true passion, and instead discovered my love for creating music.

After 5 years of pursuing a career with my music project “Disco Lemonade”, and performing at various shows and large scale festivals, I decided to go back to school to obtain a degree in Multimedia Design to broaden my skillsets and opportunities for my future. I plan to continue pursuing even more success with my music project, but have found that i thoroughly enjoy the creativity involved in multimedia design, and it will be interesting to see where it takes me in parallel to music.

I am currently about 2/3 of the way through the Multimedia Design program here at Lane, and plan to be completely done my Fall Term of 2018. I spend a majority of my free time outside of class working at my day job, doing freelance design work for numerous clients, and producing music/preparing sets for upcoming shows!

I hope to continue cultivating and formulating new and innovative ideas within the design program here at LCC, which will hopefully put me at the top of the list for potential jobs, internships, and Co-Ops.

Thank for reading about my busy life!