Something About a Robot Dog?

It’s important to me that you read this stuff first.

This project was pretty difficult for me, as the only other video editing i’ve done in the past was the pizza one before this, and two other videos for my Spanish class in high school. You can actually watch them on my youtube if you’re interested, but they’re terrible so I wouldn’t.

This project was suppose to make you laugh, wether at the things i say, the cheesy-ness, or whatever. It’s to make you laugh.

But the only thing i could think of recording for this video was my brother’s dog, Chica. She doesn’t really do much besides lay down and sleep all day, so trying to make this not terrible to watch was a challenge. I was originally going to do a day in a dog’s life, but it would’ve just been her laying down all day, plus another student said they were going to do that. So, then i came up with the idea of doing things dogs think about which is what i followed through with.

I ended up accidentally deleting the first video i made the day before it was due, which was sort of a blessing because it sucked. This one is better but not entirely what i wanted, but oh well. So, i recorded my brothers dog, did a voice over, and boom.  This is the end product.

My biggest issue with this video is the voice over when turned to a higher pitch sounds sort of robotic? I tried to fix that somehow but alas, i couldn’t.


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