Sleep & Play All Day


I kinda sorta like dogs. So, I decided to make the subject of my final one of my friends dogs. My friend is Chloe, and she takes care of the Star Winnipeg. We call her winni for short. Winni is seven years old, or 49 in dog years. I was thinking about “a day in the life of Winni”, but decided to make it a little bit more simple. My ultimate goal with this video is to make people feel good. Sleeping and playing is basically what winni does all day. I titled the video that, because those are winni’s favorite things to do. She is a very funny, happy dog to be around. She has arthritis, which makes it kind of tough for her to move, but it doesn’t dim her bright attitude she still acts like a puppy when she plays. To create the video I used iMovie, and this time around I was able to adjust the sound a bit more precisely than the other video. The video with my dogs was monotone, at that time I was unsure on how to adjust the sound like I do know. In this video I was able to quiet it down while she was napping or resting, and bring the volume back up while it was a photo of her playing or being active. Overall, I feel pretty good about this video.



By: Nieman T. Adams-Jackson