The X Factor


Phil Jackson is arguably one of the best coaches to have ever lived. One aspect that he is renowned for is his approach to the mental aspect of the game.

He introduced mindfulness to basketball at a large scale. Not only would he use this psychological process on individuals to develop their perspective on the game, but he would use it on entire organizations to win championships.

He won 11 of them.

He had to be doing something right. Right?

I read one of his books, and I tried out some of the techniques he talks about on myself. I was shocked with the results, so I decided to test it on someone else.

I’m also studying psychology, and in one of my classes we had a pretty lose final that aloud a lot of creativity, so I came up with an idea for an experiment that would cover my final for both classes in one video.

I tested it on my teammate Jesse, and you heard about the results in the video.

Mindfulness is something we study in psychology as well, and it’s being modernized and is now used to treat mental illness, and improve memory, focus and mental strength.

After learning more about mindfulness in psychology, I think the benefits go past athletic performance and could help any non-athlete tremendously.

I still wonder how Phil Jackson applied it to entire teams, but I guess that’s why he’s known as one of the greatest.