“The final to this thing we call…” and other fun facts about my video

Fun Facts about This Video:

-The original idea for The Billy Billy Butthole Show was an all animated short with a song that explained that he lived on a boat in the middle of the forest but I realized I had no idea  how to do animation. so the first few seconds of the video is just screenshots i took and moved the arm in photoshop.

-Preserved ducks egg (aka century eggs) is duck eggs that they preserve in clay, ash, quicklime and rice hulls for several months where the yolk becomes a green-grey creamy consistency while the egg white becomes a brown translucent jelly with a salty flavor. They are totally gross. If you want one, I still got a couple so let me know.

-As a little kid I had a teddy bear named Toby

-One scene I filmed but didn’t make the cut was about a man who marvels about the magic in “the blue waters” of a portapotty and how this “beauty must be filled with secrets.”

-Another idea was a PSA that let’s kids know its ok to eat HALF of a scab. It would then cut to my roommate Dave picking off a “scab” and eating it. When i asked Dave to do it he replied, “Why do I have to do it?” and instead of explaining to him how I couldn’t be on camera, I said forget it.

-My older brother was originally going to introduce the video, explaining that he was Billy Dyball and how this was his 7th attempt to pass Intro to Media Arts and how he just wants to pass and stop going to LCC, but because of time limitations, his role is now non-speaking and uncredited at the end. If you notice, you can see he is wearing my camo jacket and grey hoodie.

-If you can’t tell, this project involved into a three minute sketch show.

Hope you enjoy and succeed in your future!!!!!