Southern California Day in the life

This project was by far my my most complicated and best in my personal opinion. I original was going to do a continuation of my last work out video but unfortunately not all plans come to completion. My friends who original agreed to act again for the project backed out and told me they had absolutely no time to film something amongst all their finals and studying. My other idea I had brought up was possibly making a video about the day in the life of a skateboarder or a surfer. I ended up using my current situation to boost me into an optimal opportunity to kind of keep my foot in both of the worlds I wanted to do. I was traveling home last week for my grandparents 60th anniversary and figured I would film it while I was home. I ended up helping my buddy who I used to work with shoot an advertisement clip for his upcoming Summer Clothing look book for his company he had just began working with again. We ended up calling our friends and got them over and even got our buddies parents to let us use their Lamborghini. Most of the shots were pretty simple and even got to use Elijah camera which is a pretty nice camera. I used my GoPro to get the underwater shots. He helped me achieve some of the solar flares and told me what angles would look best which was good when filming something so Important, it was nice having someone I could ask when confused and direct me. The whole scene is a mini story in itself. It is a look into the lives of what me and my friends do when it is nice out in Southern California while also helping show off some of the clothes. I added the Lamborghini to give the video an idea of a story (Yes it is a bit over the tope but who would pass up an opportunity to work with a Lamborghini). It is like a small peak into a fun day in the sun, which I am sure we have all had but with my friends from back home! I added the quote in the beginning because it perfectly incapsulates all of our love for the water/ocean and what our summers are like. I think overall I am proud of the final product.

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  1. kiana

    Dope video! i defiantly got that California vibe also the underwater shots were super clear!

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