HopValley Brewing (Final Porject Winter 2017)

I decided to do my final project on footage I did for HopValley in the past. More of a re-edit.  This project was a blast and one of the first times I used a slider. I worked at the Springfield brewhouse as a kitchen manager and had the ability to wonder around talking to coworkers and plan a short I’ve never done before.

In the beginning I just started filming things and had no order. As soon as I started seeing things fold out in front of me I quickly backtracked and started making shots that match with others. Some of the harder shots were of packaging and the brew tanks.

I was the only one shooting, editing, and planning this short. The feel of it was like a “How It’s Made” series. The audio I grabbed from Youtube Music Library was called Microchip, by Jason Farnham. I always credit the artist, even if there is no copyright. They work hard too! I used a basic Canon t2i, kit lens 18mm-55mm, 50mm, 16mm rokinon fisheye, DIY slider, Bogen Tripod, and a DIY shoulder rig. The shoulder rig wasn’t used, but more of a back up option.

Some of the shots came out shaky looking, which were not on the camera. Kind of a “question mark” there. And the exposure was darker on the fisheye, I didn’t adjust after putting the lens on…dumb mistake. All and all I am pretty happy with the end result. I have a lot more gear now and if I had the chance to remake it I would do a better job.

What did you think?