This assignment was kinda hard for me. I wanted to make a inspirational video to inform others about something, but I wasn’t sure on what to inform people about. I have changed my mind a few times over the past few weeks. Finally, one day as I was riding the bus home from Lane. I was listening to music and I caught myself tapping my phone along with the beat. Then the person that sat a few seats ahead of me was tapping there foot on the ground. So, I thought it would be a good idea to capture these moments for my video. I was looking up habits or as you’d call them, “stress habits” that the human body preforms on a daily basis weather you notice them or not, we all preform these weird habits. Some examples in my video I captured tapping of the foot, finger nail biting, hitting your pen on the table and playing with hair. The hardest part for me was working with my micro lens on my camera. It only works on manual so for some of the shots I had to pay close attention of my screen to make sure nothing with blurry. Figure out what kind of music to have in the background took me some time because I always go for the hip hop instrumentals and I felt like it wouldn’t fit with this type of video, but I also did not want a instrumental that would make my video dramatic. Originally, I wanted to add my voice in the background to explain what is going on, but I waited too long and ran out of time:/. Anyways.. I am pretty satisfied the way my video turned out and I hope you all enjoy.


             By: Kiana Crossley



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