Flowers & Ice


I was originally going to do a cute cartoon about my toddler, I worked on that for about two weeks and decided to set it aside until I have more time to learn other creative cloud programs. So instead I got an idea from someone showing me a metric montage of varying clips of a t.v show and it gave me the idea to use a collection of photos I had made for an image communications final, called “Ice Flowers”. I took around 872 photographs of flowers that I had selected, purchased, and froze into big ice cubes, using an assortment of different sized containers. I shot at different times of day and also in the dark using only a small LED light. I learned a lot from doing this experiment and cut 3 different versions of this video, each a little better than the last, overall I am very happy with the entire experience. I enjoyed doing the entire photography project so much that I am doing it again this weekend one last time before the term is over and I have no access to camera equipment, I already have new flowers waiting in the freezer.. woohoo.

By: Sarah Andrews