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My first suggestion is to watch my video at 1080p. Unfortunately, the auto 360p kinda annihilates the quality of the video.

Anyways, I decided to make a promotional video for the Digital Drawing Club here at Lane! The title of the club is pretty self explanatory of what they do. Students come together to draw digitally and learn new techniques from each other. Not only that, they have guest speakers come in and different workshops. They just recently had a portfolio workshop. So, they always have something new to offer Students.

For Winter Term, their current meet up time is Fridays from 12pm-2pm. The location for the club is in Building 17, 2nd floor next to the indie lab.  Everyone is welcome.

As for the filming experience, it went pretty smoothly except the first part of Mac’s interview was kinda soft. Not only that, a couple of my shots in the video are shaky. Normally I have the camera on the tripod, but for those two shaky shots I was in a rush to turn on the camera and start filming since one of the people in the shot was about to leave. I didn’t really have time to attach the t5i to the tripod. Sometimes, you just don’t have control and have to roll with it.

Overall, I think I might work on this a little more after finals and give it to the Digital Drawing Club to use as an ad on OrgSync or something.

I hope you like it! And remember, feel free to stop by the Digital Drawing Club.

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