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For my interview, I interviewed my boyfriend’s friend, Jemiel. He is 22 years old.He was a former student here at Lane Community College and  is now attending University of Oregon. I really wanted to interview Jemiel because he is one of the few people that I know who are working hard to make something of themselves and you don’t see that a lot in today’s generation.

#1 Tell me about yourself? 

“My name is Jemiel Lowery, I was born un Kissimmee, Florida but i was raised in Tacoma Washington. I have a rather large family. Ive always had an interest in creating things, from creating a complete video game concept in middle school to writing an unpublished children’s book. I currently focus on content marketing and branding for small business. I am currently working on a new brand i started R.O.C.S, a creative service agency with a focus on content marketing through the use of social media.”

#2What does”Being Creative” mean to you?

“To me, being creative means finding any way to express yourself and creating something that means something to you. I believe anyone is a creator and we all have our own unique way we see the world.”

#3 What’s your  favorite things you’ve ever created? 

“My favorite thing that I’ve ever created was a concept design for a polycarbonate protection case for Xbox 360 and Ps3 gaming controllers. Its not that the concept itself was my favorite, it was just the first time I realized that I was capable of not only creating something great but could actually some day make a living from it.”

#4 What are you trying to communicate with your art?

“The art I create is just a way to express how I fell about something and its something i enjoy. The only thing I hope to communicate is that people can do anything as long as they set their minds to. Many people have great ideas but i hope to inspire people enough to make them go out and actually create in instead of talking about it.”


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