Professional Practice


The activity I attended was the Prints from Print Arts Northwest lecture in Building 11’s main gallery on February 15th. The two women who presented the artwork were, Susan Lowdermilk and Tallmadge Doyle. They also had their own pieces in the show too. There were many things that interested me about this art show. I chose to go to this lecture because it gave me something new to learn about. I knew nothing about art that came from printmakers until now.

Printmaking has been around for a very long time and has become modernized and more technical over the years. Currently, three-D printing is becoming very common. As I was looking around at the pieces of art, they all seemed completely different because they are. There are many different ways to do printmaking and with knowledge about the prints, you may be able to tell what kind it is and how it was made. For example, dry paint, mono type, and solar plate are a few different ways. Printmaking definitely does not seem easy, but it can be very creative and simple.

The definition of printmaking is, “multiple original”. The speakers described the art to be like stamps. Printmaking pieces come from all around the world. There are also many limited editions of printmaking art. Many people have made their living off of being professional artists. I have a huge amount of respect for artist and their work. It’s truly an amazing sight to see.


By: Gabby Mujica

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