3D Printing


Out of all the assignments this was probably my favorite one by far.I decided to make a short film about “Five most important tips on 3D Printing”.  My cousin, Jeff is a genius. He builds his own 3D Printers and can create just about anything. He has been doing 3D Printing for 3 year now and is still continuing to grow and build knowledge about 3D Printing. A few downsides to this video was I forgot my tripod so some of the clips are a little shaky. It took me a lot longer to put together the video because I did not have a starting or ending point. The audio was the hardest part for me because I had no idea how to blend it in with the video. My cousin has his 3D Printers in a shed so the lighting was not the best but, Overall my pretty happy about how my video turned out.

By: Kiana Crossley

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