P5- Image Editing (FIVE)

This project was really fun! I had a scary idea I wanted to do and it started out well, but it quickly became something out of a nightmare and had to switch the subject. I was afraid of creeping everyone out in class. So my girlfriend (Bella)  had a great idea for changing it quickly. She also starred in it along with my lil baby (Serenity)! They both did pretty well considering the camera some what close to their faces and redoing scenes. I asked her cousin if she would act for the green screen section, which ended up being so perfectly acted as a snobby teen… I was happy!

Things I could work on:

-The audio became tricky at times. Using a field recorder made the onboard mic sound like garbage. But I shouldn’t have been using the DSLR mic anyway! More time on that part would have been best.

-The angles where getting difficult because of lack of space. So some things got looked over and cut. Story was up in the air, which lead to a different ending.

-Lighting in some parts where pretty terrible, but maybe I’m the only one that sees it. I also should have denoised the footage. Didn’t have enough time really! ?

All and all, I’m happy with the project. Glad I got to do something creatively!



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