W17-P4 Audio

I had no idea what I would do for this project when it was assigned. For one, I strongly dislike how my voice sounds recorded. Second, I had never worked with an audio editing software. It was fun to play around with the software to figure out how I was going to do the project. So, I read one of Aesop’s Fables for my audio project. The fable I recorded onto Audacity was titled “The Frogs and the Well.” The Moral of this fable is look before you leap. I chose to read this one because I feel like I don’t do that enough. Maybe creating a project around a story that’s so purpose is to educate and guide will help me look before I leap. The audio I chose is has a slow tempo, and kind of makes me think of the Lemony Snicket movies. I imagine theses two frogs living in a lush algae filled marsh. Until one day, their green home just vanishes. As they look for their new home, contemplating locations to settle I feel like the tune in the background  I incorporates a mysterious vibe to the story. My ultimate goal was that, to add some mystery and whimsicality to a kind of point-blank story. Thank you for listening.



By: Nieman T. Adams-Jackson