W17-P4 Audio (The Hangman Poem)

I’ll try to keep my story short…

Originally, I was going to recreate the opening scene from one of my favorite films, The Social Network. I got most of it done, but wasn’t able to get a friend to record the dialogue for the second character. Somehow, I was reminded of a quote that the same writer wrote for the TV show, The West Wing.
“The President likes smart people who disagree with him.”
This quote got me thinking about our current political situation and how it’s the exact opposite. I was then reminded about a conversation I had with a neighbor who is a Trump supporter. In this conversation, he told me that “we need to stop b****ing about Trump. We just need to work with him on whatever he’s planning on doing.”
This then reminded me of a poem I was shown in my freshman year of high school, The Hangman by Maurice Ogden. The poem is an allegory of the holocaust and how no one did anything to stop it. The poem has always stuck with me with its haunting message.

Anyways, I decided to read the first part of the poem to introduce everyone in the class to this poem. I hope this won’t be too depressing to everyone.

By Hunter Ruland