W17-P4 Audio (Surfer Steve’s Surf Shop)

What I was aiming for with this project was an old 80’s style commercial advertising a Surf Shop down on the beach. A surfer “bro” breaks his board and a fellow surfer comes by to inform him about a new surf shop on the beach.

This project became a little bit of a struggle. I needed another person for the “surfer dude 2” voice and everyone bailed on me. Ended up using my own voice for both parts. Also, ended up not using Audacity and used Audition cc 2015 instead. My experience, when using it before, was complicated. Soon I was able to get going with where I left off. There are a lot of helpful tutorials on Youtube and the Adobes website. Quickly editing through the multitrack mode and levels with switches for adjusting audio sounds. I was quite impressed, since not using it for quite sometime, how powerful the program really was and now has become.

As far as recording, I used the default microphone on the iMac (27inch, Mid 2011). With a little tweeking here and there I was pretty stoked on the quality considering the amount of time I was under. If I could do it over again, I would definitely use a better mic and find dedicated actors.