IMA W17-P4 Audio

I took the Aesop fable, “The King’s Son and the Painted Lion”, which is a story about how you should overcome your fears rather than hide from them. I took my friend’s, Eric Parson’s (A.K.A Puffy), instrumental “Allure” and voiced over it. I decided to play of the title of his song, I wanted to look at how the fear allures us to do things that seem safe, but in the long hall end up hurting us. This beat is has a slightly more light feel to it than I was going for, but I feel like it still fits well with where the story goes.

After the Prince dies and it comes to the point with the moral of the story, the beat switches up a bit. It has a lighter tone to it, because I wanted to use the lightness of the pick up to reflect on the moral of the story and show that if you do face your fears, you’ll feel find peace. I let the instrumental play out until its end, because I really like how it slowly fades out and also because my man Puffy killed this instrumental and he deserves a shoutout. Here’s a link to his soundcloud channel: