Basilisks Evil Eye (Book AD)

With this project, I decided to do a radio book ad where it gives a brief synopsis of what the story is. The story is not real and was just a quick summary I made up on the spot. I honestly regret choosing the mythological creature, the basilisk. That word set me back quite a bit. I had a hard time saying it when I was recording for some reason. I did about 5 or 6 takes of just saying the word basilisk alone.

Note to self: Never say the word basilisk for a recording again. It’s more trouble than it’s worth. Next time, use yeti or dragon!

Overall, I am pretty happy with my project. I think the music suits the fantasy theme of the book ad. The sound effects I think stayed pretty true to the theme as well. Maybe the evil laugh was a little bit cheesy but to be fair, there was not very many evil laughs that didn’t sound a little corny. This was the best one I could find. I also think the writing isn’t too bad  for something I wrote on the spot. I think it goes along with the traditional cheesy fantasy quest plot.

As far as my voice, I’m not too happy with it. Audiobooks or radio ads are definitely not my calling. Luckily, my voice isn’t recognizable.  How? Well fun fact, when I showed the recording to my partner Elliot, it took them two listens to even believe it was me. Elliot thought it was someone completely different. Hopefully others think the same.

Lastly, here’s my written synopsis if you would like to read it again:

An old threat rises in the land of Orlon when a mysterious and powerful warlock resurrects the basilisk once defeated from the ancient legends. Volos, the warlock is using the basilisks evil eye as a way of controlling individuals in his army. Its gaze can control, petrify, and even kill. Everyday the army grows larger as innocent creatures,humanoids, and people are being taken into the Tower of Ladon to be converted or some are willingly joining. The Tower of Ladon was dominated by Volos and is used as his base.It was once a monument to the heroes who sacrificed themselves in the older tales. His goal is to take over all of Orlon through fear and domination. The surrounding kingdoms are each sending one champion to all unite on a quest to ambush and defeat  Volos in secret while the rest if the  kingdoms come together to prepare for war.

Thanks for reading!