Great tool for anyone interested in freelancing!


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When I first got into web design, I was so excited to do more projects, that I immediately tried to get clients to pay me for a site, even though I only made around two at the time haha.

So I researched all over the internet how I could find people around the world to pay me to do their site, all over the computer.

I came across a lot of tools, but the one that really helped the most with actionable advice was Freelance to win.

Whether you’re a video editor, a photographer, a web designer, a copywriter, a blog writer, or whatever creative work you can deliver, this tool shows you how to work with people and PROFESSIONALLY offer your services.

The only drawback I can think of, is that you should probably have some sort of portfolio in a specific area, so if you’re still unsure of what area you’re interested in pursuing, then this may not help. That’s why early on I didn’t get any responses to any of my proposals, which makes sense because I still didn’t build a large enough of a portfolio.

However, if you have an area that you’ve done work for yourself, and you’re looking to expand your projects (and get paid ? then this could be a great resource.

He offers a $600 course, but that’s a little out of my budget. So I just used all his case studies, posts on how to frame proposals, and a lot more all for free.

A lot of people try and charge you for the free advice he offers, so even if you’re still searching for what type of work you want to do, Freelance to Win can really motivate you with success stories, and show you how to talk to people professionally and convincingly which is something you may need in the future.



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