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My name is Alex Liggins, I’m from Beaverton, Or, a suburb ten minutes outside of Portland. I’m currently a student at Lane Community College, who plans on transferring to the University of Oregon to pursue a degree in journalism. I grew up the middle child in a family of seven, I had two  older brothers and two younger sisters. Ever since a young age, sports have been apart of my families everyday life. My older brother’s both played football, basketball and ran track. I ran cross country and played tennis and basketball. My sister’s have been doing gymnastics since they were real young. Sports were our tool to deal with our problems, my love of the game and, overall, competition is what makes me want to stay close to the sports world.

After school, I want to write and talk on podcasts about sports and pop culture topics. I love sports, because growing up they’ve been a big part of my life and taught me a lot of life lessons along the way. I want to talk about pop culture (mainly music, television and movies), because I like trying to interpret lyrics and shots in television/movies purposes. These are topics that I can ramble on and on about all day, my friends and I get in debates daily over these topics. That influenced me in wanting to start a podcast, our dialogue is colorful and full of facts, because we love making fun of each other, but we also love being the one who’s right more. Even though many topics don’t have a right or wrong answer, we’ll all say how we truly feel about a scenario, and to me, knowing where someone is coming from (journalists) on a issue is more important.


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