Who am I or how did I get my weird accent?


My name is Dana and when people ask me where are you from and where is your weird accent from I stay silent for a second and then start to explain…

During my lifetime, I lived in three completely different countries, learnt three completely different languages, visited endless amount of places and probably never stopped searching for exciting places to go.

So, everything started when my parents grabbed me from the scary Soviet Union and brought 2013-09-11-11-57-02-5me to the Holy Land.

Time flew, I grew, finished school, army, graduate school, got married to my high school sweetheart and went to explore science horizons in a far away Virginia.

Since then I worked in a few pharmaceutical, research and academic institutions in Israel and United States.

Who am I?

As a Russian, I have endless passion for classical literature and opera. As an Israeli, I love sea, good food and have Mediterranean temperament. As a Virginian, I have a lot of respect for organization and self motivation. And as an Oregonian, I’m in love with yoga clothes, natural cosmetics and rain.
By Dana

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