Good Morning ☀


Hello! Call me Meg.

I’m an art student, caffeine enthusiast, cat mom, forest witch, and amateur ukulele-player.

I’ve lived in the rainy Pacific Northwest all of my life, and I never plan to live anywhere else unless invited to the Shire. I have a fluffy and fat black cat named Coconut, and a small cactus named George that sits in my apartment window. I work at the library at Lane, and can make a pretty mean cup of joe. I know how to knit hats and scarves, and can tell you the name of any Pokemon.

The Coconut

I have been an artist since kindergarten, and have always found love and inspiration in 2d animation such as various Disney and Ghibli movies. I enjoy cold, rainy evenings where I may read books about wizards and hobbits while drinking piping hot coffee. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are two of my favorite things ever, and someday I wish to help create amazing adventures like such with my own hands.

When I’m finished with my art degree/media arts program at Lane, I want to be able to wear as many hats as I can for animation projects. I want to be able to work as a storyboard artist/concept artist/project manager/… etc. etc.

By: Megan Rockwell

4 thoughts on “Good Morning ☀

  1. Jordan Rich

    Hi Meg, I think I could name ALMOST every Pokemon but there are still plenty I don’t know. Coffee is wonderful but sadly can make me feel anxious so I don’t drink it very much.

  2. Ryan Miller

    I have a similar affinity for the Pacific Northwest. Having had the opportunity to travel a lot, I can say I’m always glad to call the PNW home. I’m trying to update myself on all the new Pokemon in preparation for Sun and Moon, but my serious knowledge ends at the original 151.


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