An Introduction


My name is Amadeo Snyder, I go by they-them pronouns, and I am a first year in the Multimedia Design pathway at Lane Community College. I’m 19 years old, and even though I am new to the field of study I’m an old hat when it comes to art in general.

           I moved into Lane County after I graduated from McMinnville High School. I first studied psychology, but since I was young I’ve been attracted to the arts as a whole. Even though I studied studio art in high school, and though I’m mostly familiar with traditional forms of art, I’m excited to study different forms.

            In the future I’d like to see myself as a producer for both live shows—theater and television alike. However, working in any area of this field would be a wonderful opportunity to experience my dreams.

              Outside of work and school, I live at home with my loving partner and 2 birds. I play video games when I have time, and can usually be found cuddled up with a sketchbook and watching a good movie.

              I’m rather interested to see how my aesthetic evolves throughout the next two years, to meet my peers, and to learn from and about them.

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