About Me

About me

Hello everyone, my name is Noah Gutierrez. I grew up in Tacoma, which is a port town in the great state of Washington with my Mom and two Sisters but after 14 years I spent the rest of the time as a high school student in the Santa Barbara area with my Dad. I loved the beaches and the perfect 75 degree weather in southern California but the lure of the Northwest was too strong and decided to move where I spent quite a few years back in Washington and here in Eugene Oregon.


I’m a first time college student and decided to major in multimedia where my artistic talents will hopefully shine. I used to be an avid reader of novels and comics but due to working two jobs and playing ice hockey, I haven’t sat down and read a series of books in a while. I still draw and sketch in my book from time to time but now a days hockey is all I want to do. I play goalie 3 times a week here in Eugene.


When all is said and done for me here at Lane I hope to be be playing in A league hockey and working in character design and computer animation.


-By Noah Gutierrez

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