Elephant and The Key



My project is based off an original story that I wrote when I was eleven years old. At first I wasn’t sure what story to use, but then I remembered all the short stories I wrote as a child. When I came across the story ”The elephant and the key,” I decided to use it as part of my project. The story wasn’t too long and it made me happy reading it. As you listen to the video you’ll notice many errors in the way I word my sentences. I wanted the video to have these errors because I didn’t want to ruin the original version that I wrote as a child. The part that I had the most fun with was adding the sound effects into my recording. I enjoyed this part because it was fun to listen to but also challenging. When I finally figured out how to add the effects I wanted into the program, I felt happy and I had more fun with it. Using the microphone to record my voice also took a lot of practice. I wasn’t able to get my voice to sound perfect the first try, but I kept trying until I got the results that I was looking for.