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Hello my Peers today i will be giving you all a special treat, for i am going to show you this awesome concept art blog i found its called (Draw Maeve, draw) you can find this blog at

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This blog focuses on visual development and concept art in a video game style. i find this blog is inspirational and visually pleasing for some one who draws more graphically like me. This blog follows Maeve as she produces absolutely stunning concept art, of sets or props in a isometric view “this is the made up perspective some video games use” i find her concepts to be visually fun and adorable.

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Maeves dose a good job explaining posts, what she is doing, and shares content to help people draw and come up with good ideas. In one post she talks about some things that most people don’t know about photoshop; like how to make lines smother or how to adjust color.

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For a artest this is extremely helpful too because if your only going of of your knowledge, or the knowledge of a class, they might not have been teaching the tools in that way, and you may not be able to figure that out on your own. i also want to point out again that mauves focuses primarily on sets and and props. Sets and props are a completely under appreciated skill that most people don’t think about because they get lost in there character design.

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Maeves shows her progression as well which lets you see things go from a idea to a product instead of just being like she waves a magical won and theres a picture. as a artist and, someone who draws concept art who has been known to accidentally only care about the characters this is refreshing and inspirational I highly recommend it

tell next time mac Out.


by Mackenzie Bohlman