Expert Vagabond

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“In the fall of 2010 I quit my job, left my girlfriend, sold everything I owned, and bought a plane ticket to Guatemala.”- Matthew Karsten   

     This blog tells the story of an Expert Vagabond traveling the world.  His name is Matthew Karsten, a professional photographer, blogger, adventurer, and all around living legend.  I found this guy thru the grapevine of Facebook.  Just from liking outdoor equipment pages, mutual friending, traveling junkie posts, and Poof! His page popped up.  

Initially I was drawn in because of his title,”Vagabond.”  This was a nickname given to me from my grandmother at the ripe age of 14.  Due to how I was always on vacation, physically or mentally, or out to lunch as she would put it..  But anyways, that is what attracted me to Matthew’s site initiallly. And from there I fell into his world, head over heels into the bright rabbit hole of this, “Expert Vagabond.”

“Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.” ~ Alan Keightley Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.29.42 PM.png
“My itinerary? Your guess is as good as mine! The plan is to plan as little as possible, and let fate take me on a roller-coaster ride of discovery & adventure.” Matthew Karsten


This blog truly slows down my world, and gives me a chance to breathe.  It is the few moments in my life where I allow myself to live vicariously thru someone else’s. I absolutely admire his attitude about life, and truly living in the moment attitude. Not talking about it, but being about it.  We must surround ourselves around more people like this.  To be present in every moment, and live like tomorrow will never come.