what you need to know about Mac


howdy im Mac (MacKenzie Bohlman) as you can see i dress like a full grown adult that lives in a anime/cartoon/comic book/movie type Deal-E-O. i like to watch animated movies and draw and sew. i am competent in adobe photoshop, flash, maya, illustrator, and other forms of digital media. i hope to be an animator someday.

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here are some of my works. as you can see i also like to draw. and i draw in a graphic style. my expertise is in color.i love working with color at one point i was fighting one of my art teaches to let me use color my favorite medium’s  are markers, water colors, and drawing software “insert MS Paint Joke Here”. i don’t have any animations right now but I’m working on them. I’m also a big superhero nerd i love batman and the X-men. i have a huge comic book collection and if its the right character i can literally talk about them for hours like there inner relationship of the robins “yes there is more then one” or the powers of the x-men and how they never get a brake or comics in general. i can’t wait to post more interesting things an work. tell next time this is mac.


6 thoughts on “what you need to know about Mac

  1. Jeffery Osborns

    I like it. There are grammatical discrepancies everywhere, but I know that you are aware of that. Nice work. Good job getting it done quickly. I like your pictures.

  2. Taylor

    Hey Mac, I remember you from my computer animation class awhile back ago. Your drawings are very artistic and I really like them.

  3. hughest

    There are many others in IMA class that share your passion for animation…I hope that this blog brings you all together! Thanks for sharing your art…you have great talent and I’m sure you will reach your dream.

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