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IC-Headshot_023No it’s not Clooney or Gomer Pyle (duh)…

I’m just a guy who grew up on an old German homestead located in the dusty wheat fields of Eastern Oregon back in the mid-60’s through the mid-80’s. There wasn’t much to do out there except work or read, so I opted to do as much reading as I could. This led to writing, then drawing. I dabbled in some inventing and my sister and I performed the most exquisite puppet shows. Man we were bored, but it was a good time, if only in hindsight.

I met my wife in college and changed my major no less than 6 times (writing, Filmmaking, International Finance and Law, Paralegal Studies, Computer Science, Intelligence Studies). My first job was doing odd jobs for a geriatric farmer, who lived nearby.  That was when I was 10. I worked in the saw mill summers from age 14 and construction during the school year. I’ve been a chef, a professional writer, a paralegal, an insurance underwriter, restaurateur, broom maker, stone cutter, carpenter, Navy Cryptologist and computer security engineer and manager. That’s just what I can remember.

Now I’m embarking on a new mission…a new adventure with my wife of 30 years; to return to our artistic roots. Our only son graduated from film studies at the University of Oregon a few years ago and we hope to improve our skills so that we can work on our own projects as well as those our son might wish to include us on.

By A. H. Norton

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  1. hughest

    Thanks for sharing your story…I’m thinking that you may have to share a “puppet show” or two! So cool that you are back in school and doing it all with your wife…you’re both a great role model, and I’m sure others in all your classes this term will learn much from you.

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