For my audio project I made a mock TNT NBA game promo. My goal was to be as realistic sounding as possible. I wrote out the script trying to copy the hooks I have heard hundreds of times. To try and sound more like a real ad I took real game clips and mimicked them for highlights in my promo. I found that this was a lot more difficult then anticipated. No matter what I did it seemed like I was reading directly off a piece of paper. There are 21 different cuts on this audio file so they feel of reading it in one go was extremely frustrating. I did have a lot of fun doing this project, the sports audio field is where I want to be, so I worked extra hard on this project. I’m still not the happiest with my final project but I am satisfied with the end result.

One thought on “P4-Audio

  1. Karl Reindel

    This is a truly well done project. The content is great, your voice sounds very good, smooth. You got what you were aiming at. Have you considered a job sport casting? You’d be good. I really like the echo effect (careful about the distortion level). The music is perfectly matched to the content. I enjoyed listening.

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