That One Time (or Why I Have No Friends) by Nate Emerson

WARNING: There’s a short, pretty sharp audio spike at 9 seconds in.

Before you ask, no I am not a serial killer. With this story, I wanted to make an affectionate parody of what most fan fiction ends up being. I firmly believe that good fan fiction does exist, however it is hard to deny that roughly 90% of fan fiction ends up being self indulgent fantasy in which the author is the main character and posses no flaws and is adored by every other character. This is what’s known as a “Mary Sue.” This is why I made my self ridiculously over powered and is far to into how amazing he is. An example being my character inexplicably having a lightsaber or gaining power from his “insanely hot female love interest” (I also loved doing that voice). I also wanted to play with status with the twist at the end. In the first part of the story my status is high being the ultimate savior of the universe, however when the twist at the end hits my status immediately shoots downward and I’m revealed to be a pathetic character with a clear history of mental issues. My overreaching goal was simply to make people laugh, or more so, to make something I thought was funny. My “style” of comedy relies heavily on not making any sense, there isn’t a whole lot of cleverness or wit involved, which may turn a few people off. My personal motto (which I invented 10 seconds ago) is “make something that makes you laugh, and hope someone agrees.” With that said, please be as brutal as possible.

4 thoughts on “That One Time (or Why I Have No Friends) by Nate Emerson

  1. Karl Reindel

    I really enjoyed this post. What an outstanding story, lots of great references. Wonderful talent all around! The sound effects were funny, adding a lot of comedy and interest to the whole production. The voice overs are excellent. You might consider putting this on YouTube, it’s really good. Congratulations on a great work.

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