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By:  Cameron Belgrave

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The Music Producer Blog ( is a blog that is based on music production and has many different useful tool for basically anyone.  It has video tutorials on how to use different kinds of software, how to use different mixers and other instruments. Constantly being updated, it also provides news about different hardwares and upcoming releases of different types of mixing and production software.  With interviews with real producers like Quincy Jones and Jean-Michel Jarre giving advice, and spreading their knowledge and showing how to troubleshoot different types of problems that can occur.  This blog has ALOT of information on it. They also have a live show  called The Producers Hangout where different producers showcase different techniques and give you tips with certain things.  This blog is like a small encyclopedia for music production, that is very user friendly very easy to navigate through.  It is definitely a great source for anyone trying to get in to this field aswell.  I personally  have found it very useful to attain more knowledge and get a better feel for what I want to pursue and have an interest in, and learn something useful along the way.

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