Blog Search: Trenten is a locally ran website about everything Oregon Ducks. Charles Fischer founded this site after spending 17 years on the sports forums and messages boards making his voice heard. He opened this site to share his thoughts and bring in other free lance writers to share Duck news for that in between fan. They have had over 100 writers work on this site, all on a volunteer basis.

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“Charles Fischer’s”

This site is very well produced. They bring in tons of incite whether be an interview with someone at the University or just a fan wanting to put something out there. They have a wide range of writers, fans, to former coaches, to U of O students.


Overall is a great site for duck fans. They keep you updated on what’s going on with your ducks and articles with there own opinions from there vast variety of writers. They do a great job on keeping a nice median between that casual and hardcore fan. Mr. Fischer’s goal was to make a fun site for duck fans and he has defiantly succeeded.


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