Me, Myself, and I

My name is Carissa Carlin. I was born in Eugene OR. and have stayed here my whole life. I love the violin and have played it for nine years. I have been drawing or creating things for as far back as I can remember. My favorite styles of music are Country and Christian. I have not traveled out of the state very much, but I did end up going to Mexico on a missions trip with my church in my junior and senior year of high school.Toward the end of my senior year in high school everyone kept telling me that I needed to have a plan for college, so I came up with one. It was not the best plan I have ever made, but it satisfied my parents. My plan was to go into the culinary program at lane along with doing the baking certificate. I ended up doing the program for two terms and finding out that I did not have a passion for cooking like others in the class, so I decided to not continue with the program. I ended up continuing the baking classes though.

I love art, movies, and animation, and when considering what other degree I could go for I looked for something with one of those types of classes in them. I ended up hearing about the Graphic Design program and thought that I would check it out. Then I heard about the Multimedia program and thought it would be really fun to try out too. I am now in the process of figuring out if I want to go with Graphic Design or with Multimedia.

by: Carissa Carlin

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