The Traveler

Let me start off by saying that this project has absolutely  drained me.

Although it has shown me that I am capable of  creating short illustrations, I think It will be awhile before I even think about starting a new one ( and that’s after I go back and finish editing this one to my standings).

For this project I wanted to step back and do something more serious, whether this was addressing an issue in our society or making a video that really made the viewer think (such as the Lifetime Ban video we watched in class). I eventually came to the idea of making an informational video on what Cystic Fibrosis is, having lost a friend to it around this time last year.
My plan was going to be to interview the family (to give a second-hand insight on what it means to live with CF ) and doctors. Due to personal problems, and after traveling roughly 500 miles to meet the family; I was still not able to sit down with the family over the Thanksgiving holiday.

With no friends to use in my footage and not being able to be in the frame, filming was out of the question. I was running low on time and I came to the idea that I was going to have to do illustration. I played with a few story ideas of what to illustrate and after overthinking it for some hours I finally pushed myself to just go with one. This is the end result.

Problems I encountered:

  • Time constraints after not being able to do my first idea
  • Finding decent text and making it “fit” with the background
  • About half-way through my first roughcut, I realized that the style I had originally gone with was horrible on the eyes when using a series of frames. Meaning I had to go back and redo my 90 frames (Which I later cut down).


29 WoWScrnShot_120315_051311



  • At one point I was using a computer at the Library. I had to leave and did not save my audio to my thumb-drive. Without realizing this I instead saved it to the desktop. When I opened my project up and realized I was missing files, I returned all the way back to the computer at the library. Only then did I realize that the desktop is cleared every time you sign off, meaning I lost about 5 working hours worth of finding/editing audio. 

Programs I used:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2015
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
  • Blizzard Model Viewer


So I don’t know how to really end this off. I’m happy that I learned the steps on how to do all of this, yet I went through an unnecessary amount of stress and problems. Was this supposed to be a metaphor for life?

By Kendrick