“Moonlight Night” – Trailer Coming NEVER


“Based on the amazing hit of Derek’s story manga of Moonlight Night. Get those feels ready for a roller coaster ride of a feeling in your heart you won’t forget.”

Basically this video is supposed to be as “if” it were a promotional video trailer to a upcoming series show or movie to come out.

Never have I came close wanting to jokingly die when working on a final’s project. This process was so time consuming for me, because I’m filling in so many 8.5 x 11 papers constantly and working almost everyday on it, the process of how I did it was more difficult then it needed to be. Sometimes I wished just killing the main heroine off right away just to end the story short to save more time, but in a trailer it would totally spoil the upcoming movie.

The story itself if from an old original story I made in 9th grade that I found and changed some things up to fit it as a trailer for my final’s project class. The story is fixated to be a romance comedy, but with a little  bit of dramatic serious moments. Due to time constants, there were many scenes I couldn’t put in, but that would possibly go past the three minute mark. I also wished the drawings were made through line art, but didn’t have time so we did a cheap way of increasing contrast from the scanned drawing and some slight cleaning up with erasing. In addition even without color, putting in some good shading and toning would have been awesome, but again no time.

I asked a week before the due date to collaborate with Jenna and working with her saved a whole lot of time for me on my part. I’m very thankful for the motivation she kept giving me and through out the process we constantly kept pushing each other and wanting to jokingly die together. Anyway I’m somewhat happy with the final outcome in a way with this project. It was a love hate relationship to the project and my story characters.