Final Project

Despite the idea of the video being that it is difficult for me to find people to help with me out with making my final project that ended up actually being the case. It wound up being very difficult to get people to be in it and if I was able to choose a different project idea I probably would. I decided to go with the first person view point because the “story” of the project involves me and since we were not supposed to be in front of the camera for the project at all, this allowed me to execute the idea while also obeying the parameters of the project. I like the look that it wound up giving the video, having everyone speak directly into the camera added to the overwhelming rejection tone of the video.

For editing I used Windows Movie Maker because I was already somewhat familiar with it and it was able to use it at home so I would have more time to work with it. All music was found from the Free Music Archive and it was shot with the Kodak PlaySport.

Overall the project did not quite turn out as I had initially pictured it. I was hoping to have some more scenes and maybe some other people but it didn’t work out. In the end I am pleased with how it turned out, I think the initial idea still came across just not as fully  fleshed out as I was initially wanting.