An Unfortunate Discovery

Unlike the last assignment, this one was fun again. I got to spend time with a friend I haven’t seen in months, and I got to bring another one of my ideas/creations to life. I wish I’d had more time to access the programs, but due to other finals I didn’t have much time for editing. If I had Premier on my computer, it would definitely be better. Aside from all that, I enjoy how it turned out! For something pieced together yesterday at 6 PM, anyway. I also had a few problems with the size of the video, and I had to mess around with a few different programs to make it a manageable size (Three gigabytes for two minutes!? Curse you, RAW Photos!!).

The story follows an unfortunate young man who finds a sword, and falls under the influence of a spirit (If you wanna know more about the guy, ask me. He’s nice once you get past the demonic influence. c;) bound to it. It’s got an overall mysterious/tense feel, and ends on a cliffhanger. Maybe I’ll make a part two soon, who knows! Overall, I really enjoyed making this project, as stressful as the time crunch made it. I hope you all enjoy! <3

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