Better Late than Never

Hey kids. Guess who finally decided to turn in an Audio assignment? This loser (after lots of unnecessary worry and nightmares about people hearing my voice recorded.) Ok so let’s get this out of the way first: wowzer I am NOT a voice actor. Fun factoid I was awake in the dead of night recording the voices for this and it took hours of retakes because my voice was cracking while I blushed furiously at how embarrassing this is for me. But I guess I pushed through it.

Follow Yinora the incompetent Guardian who has been separated from her Fireteam on the Dreadnought. She’s walking through a dark maze of thrall breeding grounds and I tried to pick ambient sounds that would help the listener visualize what was going on. Her voice sounds that way on purpose because I was trying to emulate the muffled echo of helmet comm systems but uh- it was hard. Lots of Low Pass and Amplify with an Echoing sprinkle. All sounds besides my voice were found on I wish I had put more time into this project but my huge anxiety towards voice work was a problem. Some sounds were very loud and others were soft so I really tried to level them out into something decent to listen to. The one thing I’m sorta happy with is Orin’s A.I. voice effects, not his voice itself. Kinda corny but it was fun to script out the situation Yinora got in.

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