Today I learned I should not be a voice actor!

Here it is!

This is not what I wanted to do!  I struggled with this project. This piece is by no means creative. There are not any cool sound effects, but It was a challenge nonetheless to mold Shia’s voice from having yelling to speaking mid sentence; and making it flow somewhat well. I did have many ideas but unfortunately there were issues with each, whether they were technical or impractical. One of my original ideas was to tell my own story in the form of a voice recording blog, by my character.  It would have ended with an awesome plot twist but that doesn’t matter now. My second idea was to do a parody of a song. My favorite of all my ideas was to tell my own epic, but I didn’t have enough time ( even with class workshop) to finish it to my standards. In the late twilight hour before this project was due, I turned to the option of just going with a fable; regardless that I wanted to do something of my own. But even then I was distasteful of following through with it… So here you have the end project of a stressed and repressed idea of mine.

I did have previous experience with an earlier version of Audacity, so it was nice to return and discover more helpful tools. I do plan to continue using Audacity now that it is more user friendly.

I think overall as a class we were all challenged, whether we were limited by sound length, resources to sounds, or what have you.

By Kendrick Taylor

6 thoughts on “Today I learned I should not be a voice actor!

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