Lenore – Edgar Allen Poe


Project 4 Audio – Lenore by Edgar Allen Poe

For my audio project I was originally looking for a Stephen King short story to read and add sound effects to. The idea there was to give a creepy effect in the spirit of Halloween. However, as it turns out, “short” stories are actually pretty lengthy. Very lengthy in fact; just short enough to not be called a “novel”. So instead I went with Lenore by Edgar Allen Poe, because he’s a little weird and dark. I honestly should have gotten someone else to read it for me because, realistically speaking, I was probably not the best option. Actually, hearing my own voice is mortifying. Nevertheless, hopefully the dry, monotonous tone of my voice goes along with the theme of Poe’s sullen, dreariness.  As far as the background audio goes, I was a little lost as to what I should include in the background. I initially figured I would just have some creepy strings playing in the background and add a little key sound effects here and there, but I learned that the poem itself has a natural tempo to it that made finding a song a little challenging. I’m pretty green when it comes to audio in general, so this project proved to be an uphill battle, but this was definitely a learning experience and I’m hoping the final product does enough to give some sort of creepy experience.

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