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If you know me at all, it’s no secret that I love Noah Bradley. No, you don’t understand. I. Love. Noah Bradley. This is one guy who I feel like spouts nothing but gold. Mostly it’s because he only wants to say things that are important, the rest is just fluff that wastes time and distracts from getting work done. He says it how it is, and is a wonderful teacher to anyone who wants to get into the concept/illustration field. Noah’s a gem.

This is reflected in his blog (along with his other sites) setup: simple, and straight to the point. Not to say he isn’t artistic with the site’s aesthetics, because frankly simplicity is always attractive. Noah uses WordPress for his blog and portfolio site. He’s been through quite the journey in his endeavor to become the professional he is today and he has a lot to share with the artistic community. He posts product reviews, resource (books, sites, etc.) recommendations, professional tips, and motivational advice.

His blog is very easy to navigate through, nothing distracting in the interface. His latest post was a tablet monitor review that is a cheaper alternative to the common Cintiq… something I will look into. His post titled ‘I Hate Your Portfolio’ got right into what your portfolio should look like if you want to be hired. His bullet-point list is super easy to follow and he expands briefly on each topic. If you click the link at the top to his portfolio, you can find his free stock images as well as a link to his Gumroad site. There he offers video tutorials, brushpacks, master studies, and best of all, The Art of Freelancing. TAoF is a 5 hour long lecture that gives a pretty complete insight into how Noah broke into the industry. Noah’s blog is a great resource for anyone who wants to become (or already is!) a concept artist.