Survive the Forest: An Indie Game Dev Blog is the dev blog for the indie game The Forest.  Some images may be disturbing.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.08.54 AM

The Forest is a game that’s in it’s beta stage of development right now.   It seems to be mostly run by Anna who writes updates on the process of the game, bug fixes, patches, dead lines, and includes features like screen shots, trailers, and an FAQ.  The FAQ is a good resource of information for anyone thinking about purchasing the game or wondering about more of the game’s features.   This site is a good example of what a well made dev blog should look like.  The scrolling screenshots on the top of the homepage are attractive and gain the attention of the viewer and can make new viewers more curious about the game.  The posts are easy to look at with clear titles so the reader knows that when a post is titled “v.0.25b – hotfix” they’re going to be reading about the version 0.25b hotfix.

Some things that could be better would be an easier to access archive in case someone wants to compare updates or see what the game was like back in the earlier versions of the game.   For a dev blog it’s fine where it is, but I think it could use some more topics like a Q&A too keep more people interested in the blog and game itself.

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